Friday, January 1, 2010

hey sexy 2010 :P

goodbye 2009, welcOme 2010..


*pic nih akU amek mse calebrate new year td ngn fiza..
kt kdai mkn sblh umh jea..haha..
thx fiza teme akU calebrate taun nih! syg dOoh ko mum...:)*
cayO dop?percayalah!! :P

p/s : i'm not in a goOd mood to write something in this blOg..
i'm having " mslh pOmpuan " :):(
see my face?
bad hah?
as bad as my feeling tOnite.. new year calebratiOn cam biase2 jea fOr dis year..
calebrate ngn fiza..thx dear :)

Terase cam nk ckp jea nih...haha
haters! get lOst!
dgn kate len, pi mampOs..:D
itu saje, terima kaseh :)
* puas ati ouhh! *

i wish that all my dreams will cOme true in this sexy year..:)
frOm A to Z of coUrse!
god bless me:)

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